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Any organization that operates in a network rely on accuracy and integrity of information to make critical decisions regarding network operation, optimization, network security and quality of services. We enable organizations gain insight beyond their current awareness and into ways only full packet data provides. By not skimming network traffic, we provide the highest retention and accuracy of network traffic data. Quantea’s QP Series allows organizations, large or small, to have the capability to fully understand their network. Whether it is their network’s macroscopic topology or nanoseconds worth of network traffic, the QP Series offers a wide level of granularity. Whether it is gaining insight on user or network anomalies, intrusion detection or prevention, and network or business intelligence, the data is rich with information and this is why it is our mission to empower businesses and organizations through their data – that begins with the QP. 


Introducing Quantea DDoS Insight:

Stay Informed During a Crisis and Reconstruct the Whole Incident

Why Organizations Need DDoS Insight

During a crisis as heavy as a DDoS attack, a solution where you can reconstruct the details of the event is critical to any network. Determining the cause of failure of existing equipment such as Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems can be traced back and retrieve using the Quantea DDoS Insight solution.

Record at Speeds of 100Gbps or More

Not only record the fragment of the DDoS attack, capture all the information necessary to reconstruct from the inception of the attack. DDoS Insight uses the power and performance of the QP Series appliance. 

Compress Traffic

DDoS traffic is highly compressible due to its repetitive nature. Be able to store more traffic using DDoS Insight real-time compression capabilities. 

Isolate Data By Time of Incident

Be able to quickly recover relevant attack information, DDoS Insight allows time isolation in nanosecond resolution. 

Powerful Capabilities

By utilizing the capabilities of the QP Series and PureInsight, DDoS Insight delivers the comprehensive capabilities and the level of performance that is needed investigate even the most heavy DDoS attack.

Quantea PureInsight Software: Visualize Your Network

Using raw packet data, be able to display the rich information that was recorded via QP. See your network from a macroscopic point of view to individual active nodes in your network.









The Quantea PureInsight software includes usage analysis, monitoring tools and analysis tools based on flow information. 

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Use Cases

Quantea’s network solution products are designed for versatility to solve issues in large networks. 

Companies Using Quantea

Organization using the QP, PureInsight and/or DDoS Insight in various industries

Quantea is selected as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Network Solution Companies for 2016. Press Release Article Networking approved logo

Network Visibility is Greater with Quantea

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