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As a pioneer in converging network analysis and data science, Quantea allows organizations to fully understand their networks, from macroscopic topologies to nanoseconds worth of network traffic. Empowering your organization begins with gaining network and business intelligence through extracting historically inaccessible information that only we can provide.


Introducing Quantea DDoS Insight:

Stay Informed During a Crisis and Reconstruct the Whole Incident

Why Organizations Need DDoS Insight

During a crisis as heavy as a DDoS attack, a solution where you can reconstruct the details of the event is critical to any network. Determining the cause of failure of existing equipment such as Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems can be traced back and retrieve using the Quantea DDoS Insight solution.

Why Organizations Need Quantea

Whether it is tracing the events of a security breach or testing compliance of new network equipment, we can help you reach the ideal solution by accomplishing the critical task of reconstructing the details of each event. Our QP Series records large amounts of data while maintaining high levels of granularity, and our PureInsight software offers a data-intensive analysis not possible on any other network recording platform. Quantea’s proven technology will efficiently target the underlying root causes of failures in existing equipment such as network switches, firewalls, and intrusion prevention and detection systems.

Record at Speeds of 100Gbps or More

Scale easily, from 1 to 100Gbps. Record all the information necessary to reconstruct from the inception of of any critical incident. 

Compress Traffic to Amplify Storage

Quantea’s compression capability significantly reduces hardware footprint. Utilization of physical or virtual storage is amplified.

Isolate Data By Time of Incident

Be able to quickly retrieve data from any timeline where the incident occurred without sifting through terabytes of network data. 

Powerful and Comprehensive Capabilities

PureInsight® Software: Visualize Your Network

Using raw packet data, be able to display the rich information that was recorded via QP. See your network from a macroscopic point of view to individual active nodes in your network.









The Quantea PureInsight software includes usage analysis, monitoring tools and analysis tools based on flow information. 





  Quantea for Next Generation Networks: IoT, Blockchain and 5G

New network challenges are hitting the mainstream. Quantea is uniquely qualified to help you tackle these challenges. 




Max Performance (full packet, per appliance)
Scalable to Achieve Over 100Gbps and Larger Storage
Max Traffic Capacity per Appliance
Compression – Storage Amplification
Web-GUI and Powerful API
Capture Interface Expandability
Rotational 24/7 Traffic Recording
Big Data Ready, Hadoop Support
Line Rate Traffic Replay
Multi-User Support
Direct PCAP Export
Basic Flow Analysis
Independent Virtualized Capturing
Full Packet, Fast Search Engine
Interactive Network Visualization
Visualized Device Specific Drill-Down Analysis
1-2PB with Amplification
(X) Not Capable
(X) No Amplification
(X) Not Included
(x) Not Capable
(x) Not Capable
(x) Not Capable
(x) Not Capable
(x) Not Capable
(x) Not Capable
(x) Not Included
(x) Not Capable

Use Cases

Quantea’s network solution products are designed for versatility to solve issues in large networks. 

Companies Using Quantea

Organizations using the QP and PureInsight in various industries

Networking approved logoQuantea is selected as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Network Solution Companies.

Network Visibility is Greater with Quantea

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