About Us

About Us

At Quantea, we help organizations maximize business value by helping them cost-effectively resolve their issues and overcome difficulties in meeting the increasing demands of their customers. Our products bridge the gap between the new, more intricate problems and their solutions by providing a panoramic view of an organization’s network activity, harnessing the power of big network traffic data by delivering the most data-intensive analysis.

10 Fortune Global 500 Customers

50 PB of Data Analyzed

200 Gbps of network traffic


All the Capabilities in a Small Package




Best Balance of Performance and Capacity




Ideal for High Performance Configurations



Our founding team, consisting of specialists who have previously worked at Cisco and Oracle, demonstrates over 40 years of combined experience in networking technology, cybersecurity, and data science.

Our international customers and well-established partners bear witness to our industry-leading performance and global potential. We have 10 Fortune Global 500 companies using our product and have analyzed over 50 petabytes of data to date.