DDoS Insight

Stay Informed During a Crisis and Reconstruct the Whole Incident

Attack Forensics for the Entirety of the Incident

When Firewalls and Intrusion Detection System fails, DDoS Insight is the only solution that can provide valuable data during a large scale crisis.

DDOS Insight

Comprehensive Reports and Analysis

With DDoS Insight, analyze the attack inside and out. Be able to see all the nodes, flows, usages and thorough statistics.

DDOS Insight

Record at Speeds of 100Gbps or More

Not only record the fragment of the DDoS attack, capture all the information necessary to reconstruct from the inception of the attack. DDoS Insight uses the power and performance of the QP Series appliance. 

Compress Traffic

DDoS traffic is highly compressible due to its repetitive nature. Be able to store more traffic using DDoS Insight real-time compression capabilities. 

Isolate Data By Time of Incident

Be able to quickly recover relevant attack information, DDoS Insight allows time isolation in nanosecond resolution. 

Why Organizations Need DDoS Insight

During a crisis as heavy as a DDoS attack, a solution where you can reconstruct the details of the event is critical to any network. Determining the cause of failure of existing equipment such as Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems can be traced back and retrieve using the Quantea DDoS Insight solution.

DDOS Insight

Start out with a single appliance, scale accordingly.

Network Visibility is Greater with Quantea

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