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PureInsight Applications

PureInsight Capabilities

  • Flow Analysis   Whole Packet Extraction

    Flow Analysis + Whole Packet Extraction

    PureInsight converts whole packet data into data that can be used for flow analysis. This can be done without having to discard any of the original packet data. PureInsight automatically classifies unique flows and streams in your network and assigns them unique classification colors for easy identification. Observe anomalies with the flow dashboard and extract packet information with ease.
  • Network clogged down? See who is using the most.

    Network clogged down? See who is using the most.

    Usage graphs displays communication frequency between devices and nodes in your network. Be able to display usage graphs with just a couple of clicks. PureInsight can handle large amounts of traffic information with ease. Verify your networks top talkers and determine possible security holes using the usage analysis feature.
  • PureInsight Provides Clarity

    PureInsight Provides Clarity

    Analyze only what is relevant and visualize your network. PureInsight provides quick and comprehensive way to take out large amounts of noise in the network so that you know what is going on and who are connected.
  • Network Throughput Monitoring   Recording

    Network Throughput Monitoring + Recording

    PureInsight measures your network’s performance and shows it in a historical timeline graph. Determine network spikes or outages and dig information that took place during those events.
  • Protocol Utilization Analysis

    Protocol Utilization Analysis

    Determine your network’s most widely used protocols and find out what applications your network’s devices are running on. With PureInsight, that type of information can be displayed quickly and easily.

More About PureInsight

Enterprise Wide Analysis

PureInsight can generate reports, graphs, charts from analyses of large sets of network traffic. Whether it is a small or large network, users will find insight from macroscopic or microscopic perspectives.

Fast Analysis

PureInsight can analyze your network packets quickly and efficiently. PureInsight is designed to utilize every ounce of the hardware it is running on. Plus, PureInsight is highly optimized to run inside the QP Series.

PureInsight Dashboards

PureInsight has 6 dashboards to see your network in different perspectives (Nodal Map, Nodal Traffic Utilization, Protocol Utilization, Flow Analysis, Performance Monitoring, Flow Monitoring). . Each dashboard can be used for performance, quality of services and security.

Built on Top of a REST API

PureInsight is build under the API that runs in the QP. PureInsight includes an API documentation and how you can integrate PureInsight and the QP on existing workflows and dashboards or create customized applications using the API.

Drill Down and Find the Source of the Issue

What is unique to PureInsight that it allows high level analysis and low level analysis in a single software application. This means that by using PureInsight, you can visualize a terabit of network traffic but still have the granularity of seeing bits of network traffic. It is amazing. 

Comprehensive Reports

PureInsight generates complete reports on all the relevant information in the network. Reports can also be generated automatically in intervals and can be exported via PDF and also JSON formats. 


PureInsight@ Software

Network Visualization and Analysis Software Suite that run on the QP Series Appliance




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