QP Series: Analyzer for High Performance Networks

In an event of a cyber security attack or network outage, the QP ensures full network information retention to make the most informed decision on what to do next.



What is the Quantea QP?

The Quantea QP is a high performance solution to quickly solve any optimization/security/Quality-of-Service issues within any network by full-payload packet recording, high-speed search and analytics.

QP for Cyber Security

The QP provides an effective way to quickly recall events in a network and provides a full record of a security incident – during, before and after. 

Network Optimization

At 26Gbps per single unit, the QP provides a reliable way to test and optimize your network using line rate replaying capabilities as well as software tools to drill down into what is slowing down your network.

Quality of Services

The QP can be used to maintain record with full data integrity for compliance and for quality of services (QoS) verification and measurement. 

How it Works

Capture Network Traffic

Network traffic that is comes from a monitoring or mirrored port is captured by the QP.

Filter Traffic and Record

Network traffic is categorized by filters (set by the user) and will be stored and organized in separate volume compartments.

Search Stored Traffic

Quickly search to find the packets of interest by using the built in search engine. Search results are exported in an industry standard PCAP format.

Use PureInsight to Analyze Packets or Export to Third Party Analysis Tool

Large subsets of data can be reduced to smaller subsets of highly relevant data. Use PureInsight to perform analysis to determine the source of the issue or use third party tools such as Wireshark® or Splunk® to analyze the data.

Use the Information Retrieved to Determine Action

The QP is a solution that can quickly get you the information you need to solve difficult network issues whether it stems from an optimization or security problem.

Hyper-Converged: the Best Performance & Reliability

(QP 4000 Model Shown Above)
(QP 4000 Model Shown Above)

Powerful Capabilities

Designed to solve any network issues wither it is optimization or security


All the Capabilities in a Small Package




Best Balance of Performance and Capacity




Ideal for High Performance Configurations



Network Visibility is Greater with Quantea

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