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Internet of Things have introduced new complexities and challenges into the network. Quantea provides you the solution to solve issues in highly heterogenous and increasingly fast networks.

How can I ensure that the network data being analyzed is 100% accurate?

By utilizing the Quantea QP Appliance, we ensure the highest performance to achieve 100% accuracy, not a single packet is missed and unaccounted for. Our “agent-less” method ensures that we do not add anymore humps in an already complex network.

How do I find the correct device(s) when there are thousands of devices in my network?

There are many ways to find relevant information in a massive network. Quantea can quickly isolate by: top talkers; top number of concurrent links; search by who is using a particular service the most; or simply search by hostname, device name, IP address or MAC address. In addition, Quantea utilizes a quick search engine that can narrow down to what is relevant. 

How do I find out which device(s) have performance issues?

Determine latency for each device as well as throughput. Be able to quickly determine packet drops as well as an interactive timeline for the device’s network I/O. Determine whether the device has any retransmission issues as well.

How do I find out which service(s) is(are) being used the most?

Quantea aggregates device specific information which includes the services being used and displays them on a comparison chart. For example, we can create a chart that shows traffic coming from: Netflix®, Spotify® and YouTube® services.

How do I find out which device(s) might be compromised; for example: being used for a potential DDoS?

PureInsight can display traffic flows that can indicate a potential attack by correlating factors such as applications, ports, transmission path and throughput. We can set up alerts by particular KPI or threshold value. 

How to I set up alerts for my network?

Alerts can be easily configured using PureInsight, alert configuration can be a particular traffic pattern, traffic filter parameter or by KPI/threshold value. These alerts can be sent via email, SNMP, API or viewed in the PureInsight web-based GUI.


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